[Nut-upsdev] megatec driver support "Numeric Digital 3000 sw"

petr at kubanek.net petr at kubanek.net
Fri Apr 15 15:38:21 UTC 2011


I am not sure if you are the list to hit with this, but NUT's megatec
driver support ours "Numeric Digital 3000 sw" UPS - at least that's
what it claims on front- at the Watcher telescope at Boyden
Observatory / RSA. I wasn't able to find manufacturer, but it looks
Numeric is some existing UPS factory. I did not receive any  
informations from manufacturer, so I believ the support status shuld  
be level 2 or 3 (based on (fragments) of publicly available protocol).

Can you please add this to NUT compatibility list? Or send me who to
bug with this? Battvolt needs to be set, I hope to have them available
after some tests, but it is running and working.

Thanks a lot

Petr Kubánek

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