[Nut-upsdev] Patchwork for Yunto-Q

Gernot Zander debian at scorpio.in-berlin.de
Fri Jul 25 20:21:21 UTC 2014


I own a Yunto-Q 700 (made 2000 by online usv systems) and a Yunto-Q 1200
(made 2010).
They both work with blazer_ser, but didn't shutdown.
I straced the proprietary driver and found the ups expected the return
time given with _5_ digits instead of 4, else the command was ignored by
the ups.
And the Yunto don't send rating/manufacturer informations.

I don't want to commit this to git, because debian/wheezy doesn't has
the latest branch and I still want to use the debian package system (get
source, patch, rebuild), so the patch is against an older version
(2.6.4) and needs to be build in by hand.

I introduced a new protocol "yunto" and added alternatives in the
shutdown-restore and load.off section. (I saw in git that there has been
changes already not to send the "Rxxx" part when shutdown without return
has been requested - that's what I found, too, does the proprietary

There is a change in main.c, too, because sending the forceshutdown()
before upsdrv_initinfo did not read the additional protocol parameter so
the ups was not shut down when upsdrvctl shutdown was called from the
halt script in init.d. So I moved the forceshutdown below the initinfo.

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