[Nut-upsdev] Proposed new documentation "Configuration Examples"

Roger Price roger at rogerprice.org
Wed Jun 21 10:58:21 UTC 2017

On Wed, 21 Jun 2017, Jim Klimov wrote:

> Regarding systemd, there are many valid paths, applied in order of 
> preference (rising from distro to system-local). It may be worded better 
> in official docs, but in short, the /usr/lib/systemd and to an extent 
> /lib/systemd trees can be considered distro(package) and core-systemd 
> defaults. The /etc/systemd lists activated services and system-local 
> customizations or overrides, if any. Finally /run/systemd has some 
> runtime-local services or links, that are valid until reboot and must be 
> re-instantiated after boot. Something like that ;)

I simplified my text and added a link to section “unit file load path” in 
man systemd.unit.  I'll let the the systemd guys explain it.


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