[Nut-upsdev] Work around for power recycling after shutdown.return - TSSHARA UPS - nutdrv_qx driver - megatec protocol

Jairo Rotava jairo.rotava at gmail.com
Tue Feb 27 13:51:13 UTC 2018


I had an issue where after returning the power from a shutdown.return the
ups would do another shutdown.return during the boot, and kept this
forever. After some investigation I found the problem is a bug on the ups -
TSSHARA model, driver nutdrv_qx: every time I shutdown with return, and
reconnect the usb after the power is back it would start another
shudown.return cycle. When I used my rapsberry pi on it they would cycle

I tested the shutdown.return using the upscmd and I didn't see this
behavior, so I finally find out that is I sent a dummy command to the USP
after the shutdown.return it would not show the problem. My guess is that
the UPS firmware keeps the last command on memory and when the USB is
reconnected it runs it.

I changed the nutdrv-qx driver (megatec protocol) and added a dummy info
read after the shutdown command and the system is working fine. But I don't
think this is the best way to fix this patch. What should be the best
solution for this?

I end up using the original nutrv_qx file and modified the shutdown script
to something like this
/lib/nut/nutdrv_qx -a tsshara -k; /lib/nut/nutdrv_qx -a tsshara

The last call is just to send some different cmds to the UPS so is does not
recycle in the middle of the boot.

I would like to know how can I contribute to get solve this issue with the
tsshara ups.

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