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Sat Mar 10 05:40:35 UTC 2018


I have just purchased a Cyberpower CP1300EPFCLCD UPS.


It is not listed in your Compatibility List


I am very new to all this but do have a background in IT.  I have been
retired for 18 years so am a bit out of touch so please excuse if I am a bit

I will try my best to explain my issue below.


When I plug my UPS into my Synology NAS DS216+II is identifies it as a
CP1500AVRLCD and uses the "usbhid-ups" which is based on publicly available
protocol so the list says.


The DS216 is acting as a NUT server and I have two Raspberry Pi's (RPi's)
running Debian "Jessie"  and running "nut-client" so that they can be
gracefully shut down if a low battery signal is sent from the NUT server on
the NAS.

Hopefully the NAS will also shutdown after the clients.  I have done a
simulated mains failure and the loss of mains is transmitted to the clients
from the server.


My agenda is to try and get the two incorrect values to be correct.


Everything works pretty well with the exception of two values.  The Battery
Voltage should be 24V as it's a 2 x 12V system connected in series.  The
OUTPUT voltage should be about 240-245V but is shown about 260 and I have
seen values up to 265V

I have checked the OUTPUT VOLTAGE on the UPS front panel and it's showing
the correct value, that is if the input voltage is 242V then the panel is
showing 242V as output voltage.


This is what I get when I run " upsc ups at" where is in
LAN IP address of NUT Server running on my Synology DS216+II NAS.

The highlighted values are the incorrect ones.


Init SSL without certificate database

battery.charge: 100

battery.charge.low: 10

battery.charge.warning: 20

battery.mfr.date: CPS

battery.runtime: 3990

battery.runtime.low: 300

battery.type: PbAcid

battery.voltage: 16.0

battery.voltage.nominal: 24

device.mfr: CPS

device.model: CP1300EPFCLCD

device.serial: CTNGO2000027

device.type: ups

driver.name: usbhid-ups

driver.parameter.pollfreq: 30

driver.parameter.pollinterval: 5

driver.parameter.port: auto

driver.version: DSM6-1-15205-171017-1-gf424baa

driver.version.data: CyberPower HID 0.3

driver.version.internal: 0.38

input.transfer.high: 260

input.transfer.low: 170

input.voltage: 243.0

input.voltage.nominal: 230

output.voltage: 260.0

ups.beeper.status: enabled

ups.delay.shutdown: 20

ups.delay.start: 30

ups.load: 6

ups.mfr: CPS

ups.model: CP1300EPFCLCD

ups.productid: 0501

ups.realpower.nominal: 780

ups.serial: CTNGO2000027

ups.status: OL

ups.test.result: No test initiated

ups.timer.shutdown: -60

ups.timer.start: -60

ups.vendorid: 0764


Can you help me please.


Thank you

Ron Taylor

Cairns Nth Qld Aust.

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