[Nut-upsuser] Best Fortress LI660VA-Question(s)

Ralf Folkerts ralf.folkerts at gmx.de
Tue Aug 30 12:47:17 UTC 2005


I recently got a Best Fortress LI660VA which was until then used on an
AS/400 System. It's quite old and even with minimal Load only keeps the
Line for a few seconds -- however, two new (Panasonic) Batteries cost
less than half of what a new UPS will cost and so I decided to keep it.

However, I'd like to run some Monitoring SW for the UPS. No Problem, I
found NUT and was impressed by it's Features.

Unfortunately none of the "Best" Drivers (bestups and bestfcom) detected
the UPS. So I checked the "UPS Protocols" Part of the NUT-Website - and
found some interesting Info. However, connections with Minicom was still
not possible. I checked the attached cable and found it was wired
strange (it's an INT0005B) as it only has pins 5, 7, and 9 wired (on the
PC-side) (seems to me it's for "Contact Mode", not for "Communication
Mode"). So, with the Info from the "Fortress Protocol" I soldered an
Adapter to Connect: (UPS <-> Sub-D 9-pin) 1 <-> 3, 2 <-> 2, 4 <-> 5. I
also checked the Setpoint 7 is set to "1".

However, no comms is possible with the UPS. I sent dozenz of "<cr>" and
also "Q"<cr> but without getting any Reply from the UPS. However, when I
switch the UPS off I get <strange Character>{0001}. I first thought this
was by accident, but it's repeatable.

Now, does anyone here have a hint for the Comms? It seems my Cable is
not 100% OK -- but how must it look like? 

I already Googled a Yahooed but didn't find any help; I also tried to
locate the "old" NUT-Mailinglists Archives to search them but didn't
find them at all :-(

NB: I know that I might have a write/adapt a Driver if my UPS is not
really supported -- however, I'd first like to make sure I can
Communicate with it before starting this!

Many thanks in advance - I really hope someone here has the Info! 


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