[Nut-upsuser] belkin Q:

Eric S. Johansson esj at harvee.org
Thu Dec 8 17:34:45 UTC 2005

I'm trying to set up a belkin f6c1100-unv UPS to work with nuts.  From 
reading the mailing list, it sounds like the belkinunv serial driver 
should work and that the USB driver is potentially troublesome.  Is this 
a correct impression?

Also I may have missed this but if I do go with the serial (or USB port) 
is there any simple command line method for verifying basic 
connectivity?  The only reason I ask is I have gone around the drain to 
many times trying to figure out apparent system configuration problems 
when it was really a device configuration problem (i.e. serial cable 
plugged into the wrong port on the back of the PC.  :-)

many thanks


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