[Nut-upsuser] slave only config files

john crawford jmc-upsuser at sociology.osu.edu
Thu Dec 29 20:33:57 UTC 2005

  I'm configuring nut from freebsd ports.

  For a machine that only is a slave, you only need to run
uspmon. Is there a configuration entry for ups.conf or
upsd.conf that is minimal and sufficient to have the
upsdrvctl and upsd processes digest the config files
happily (and exit)? Right now on my slave I receive

  upsd[451]: Warning: no UPS definitions in ups.conf


  Fatal error: at least one UPS must be defined in ups.conf

Also, (a second question) ...
are their easily searchable archives of the nut
archives (both old and new) available via the web?

I'm having some luck with
from google cache for the old list

But it's not a good long term solution.


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