[Nut-upsuser] NUT and mge-utalk update

Jose Molina jmolina at brujulatelecom.com
Mon Feb 6 09:00:26 UTC 2006

Arnaud Quette wrote:

> I've updated the CVS Testing tree, which will soon become 2.0.3 stable 
> release, with mge-utalk 0.87. This release fixes the UTalk problems you 
> have recently faced.
> If possible, please test it and report back if it work or not with your 
> unit.

Hi there, it's the first time I post to this list, but i thought you 
would like to know that my tests with 2.0.3 solved all the data stale 
problems I had with 2.0.2.

About a month ago I had to install a MGE Comet 9, with a 10m serial 
cable to a Sun Fire V20z with RHEL3. I had lots of problems with the 
mge-utalk driver, with data stales every minute. First I thought that 
the 10m cable was the problem, but I downgraded NUT to 1.4.3 and all the 
problems disappeared.

Friday I got the 2.0.3 cvs source and it's been working flawlessly. 
Congrats and good work.

By the way, to make the 10m cable I used UTP cat 5e, hoping that it 
would help to keep a good connection to the UPS, is there any better way 
to do it?

P.S: Wouldn't it be great if MGE Solution pack came with a wxWidgets NUT 
client (or any other cross-plataform GUI client)...

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