[Nut-upsuser] Config for powercom 2200

gypsy gypsy at iswest.com
Thu Jun 8 02:28:30 UTC 2006

"Dan Mahoney, System Admin" wrote:
> Hey all,
> I've tried some very base configs with the powercom 2200, but I can't seem
> to get it to work.  Has anyone dealt with these UPSes before, or know if
> they use the standard powercom drivers?
> I'd be more than happy to allow access to my test system so someone more
> knowledgeable can take a look (and am also willing to pay something for
> the solution of said problem.)
> -Dan Mahoney

Need more info.  I have a SmartLink that uses PowerCom monitoring
software and (so far at least), there is no Nut serial driver that works
for it.  Try fentonups.

What software was supplied with the UPS?
Does it work?
What message(s) do you get when you run 'upsdrvctl start'?
Does the powercom or fentonups driver load in spite of the error(s)?
If so, what happens when you run upsd?
If that works, what happens when you run upslog?

What I'm going to do is to try all the serial drivers again.  When I did
this the first time, a few actually loaded in spite of error messages. 
I did not try to run upsd on any of these.  'upsdrvctl stop' failed to
kill the serial driver for some.  But it may just be that there is a
name string expected that is not in the driver, so an error message is
generated.  In that case, the protocol might still work.

I simply have not had time to fsck with it because trying different
serial drivers is time consuming and tedious.  There oughtta be a better

Another user suggested Nut 2.1 version using the megatec driver, but my
SmartLink does not speak any protocol that megatec knows.

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