[Nut-upsuser] Trouble Configuring NUT with Gamatronic USB

Eli Wapniarski eli at orbsky.homelinux.org
Sun Jun 18 06:07:57 UTC 2006

Hi Peter

First let me say that I have appreciated you're help up to now and was  
quite amazed at how quickly (real time) we were able to get nut to  
detect the ups.

I understand that the rest of this is a different kettle of fish  
altogether, so I do understand you're reluctance to dig into this  
deeper. I will try to obtain serial cables over the next couple of  
days and let you know.

If you would be willing to continue with this, I remain available to  
assist you in anyway that I can. If there is anything relatively quick  
that can be done to at least get the parameter that says that "the ups  
is now running on the battery as opposed to the regular electricity,  
shutdown the computer now" that would be really great, and good enough.

In any case with great appreciation

Thank You


Quoting Peter Selinger <selinger at mathstat.dal.ca>:

> Eli Wapniarski wrote:
>> Here you go
>> As you can see not very much information is available.
>> upsc Gamatronic_D-Compact at localhost produces
>> driver.name: newhidups
>> driver.parameter.port: auto
>> driver.version: 2.1.0
>> driver.version.data: RICHCOMM HID 0.9
>> driver.version.internal: 0.28
>> ups.mfr: Richcomm Tech
>> ups.model: UPS2004
>> So what's next?
> I am afraid that this is bad news.  This device does not seem to
> follow the standard USB "HID" protocol. This means that the device
> probably follows some proprietary custom communications protocol.
> There is not much I can do to reverse-engineer such a protocol.
> It would be a lot of work and very difficult; perhaps impossible.
> You options:
> * use the serial port instead of USB, if your UPS has one,
> * use a manufacturer-supplied driver instead of NUT, if there is one, or
> * buy a USB that is supported by NUT.
> I am sorry that I can't do more. Unless someone else on this mailing
> list has an idea...?
> -- Peter

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