[Nut-upsuser] Trouble Configuring NUT with Gamatronic USB

Eli Wapniarski eli at orbsky.homelinux.org
Mon Jun 19 11:26:27 UTC 2006

Thanks for the advise. I may dig into this at a not to distant date.  
Right now, I'm waiting for some more info from some other people.  
There maybe some very good news regarding this ups in the not to  
distant future. Stay tuned.


Quoting Arnaud Quette <aquette.dev at gmail.com>:

> gamatronic units are also supported by the gamatronic driver (much
> derived from the old sec driver). You should give it a try.
> About the newhidups issue, the given path might refer to some SEC
> protocol. But that needs some decoding (ie get the data for each path,
> generate events like power failure, see what changed, and try to
> reverse engineer it or match against the SEC protocol)...
> just my 2 cent tips.
> Arnaud
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> Linux / Unix Expert - MGE UPS SYSTEMS - R&D Dpt
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