[Nut-upsuser] Misreported values with newhidups

John Gruenenfelder johng at as.arizona.edu
Mon Mar 6 02:58:51 UTC 2006

On Sun, Mar 05, 2006 at 07:57:41AM -0400, Peter Selinger wrote:
>Great, thanks for the report. I agree with Charles that 27.8 volts
>looks normal. 
>Re the hacking of the init scripts; probably some appropriate
>combination of ./configure options would have put nut in the expected
>place. Depending on your system and installation, some useful options
>might be --prefix=/usr --with-user=ups or similar. -- Peter

I didn't want to clobber the installation of the Debian NUT packages that I
had, so I put NUT into the default location.  Possibly easier would have been
to just uninstall the NUT packages and then install CVS NUT.

Preferably, I would have just made new Debian packages, but the Debian
packaging scripts are not in the NUT CVS.  Also, the Debian packages shuffle
things around a bit, probably to comply with the Debian filesystem
guidelines.  You are probably correct that proper use of --prefix, --bindir,
etc. would have made the init script work, but in this case I think it was
easier to just mangle the init script directly (after backing it up, of

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