[Nut-upsuser] TrippLite SmartPro UPS and nut-2.0.2

Nick Golder nrg at timing.com
Thu Mar 23 18:43:26 UTC 2006

I have a TrippLite SmartPro UP (SMART3000RM2U) that shipped with the DB9
cable# 73-0866.  nut doesn't recognize the UPS using the tripplite 
driver.  I found this page:

The link lists the SmartPro series as using the cables 73-0724 or 73-0844 and
the Internet 350/525 is listed as using a cable 73-0866.  I have a few
73-0844s kicking around - would it hurt to try the 0844 cable with the
genericup uptype=5 driver?

I contacted TrippLite and they insist that the cable 07-0866 is correct for
the SMART3000RM2U.  Has anyone had any luck getting this cable to work
with the tripplite driver?

Any suggestions?


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