[Nut-upsuser] MGE Pulsar M 3000 communication problems

Ingo Schaefer ingo at ingo-schaefer.de
Thu Oct 12 07:15:25 UTC 2006

Hello Peter and others,
Am Montag, den 09.10.2006, 10:31 -0300 schrieb Peter Selinger:
> there is a newmge-shut driver is in the current SVN tree, which is a
> rewrite of mge-shut based on the newhidups USB driver. I don't know if
> it is in working condition (Arnaud?). But you could try it. 

I will try that later, if I can definately say the hardware is okay.

> Although it seems that your problem is not the driver, but some other
> link in the chain (perhaps the hardware). After all, others have
> tested the same device with no problems. 

I just installed the MGE Solution Pac to make (for me) sure the hardware
is okay. On startup I also get: 
Thu Oct 12 08:51:27 2006 : PSP monitoring module started
Thu Oct 12 08:51:41 2006 : Communication lost with UPS
Thu Oct 12 08:52:10 2006 : Communication restored with UPS
Thu Oct 12 08:52:16 2006 : Utility failure
Thu Oct 12 08:52:30 2006 : Utility restored

So I think there must be some kind of problem in the communication

But til now it is working (or at least it seems to be working)
(The problem now is to notify the other machines about a problem)

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