[Nut-upsuser] Multiple UPS monitoring, relaying

Arjen de Korte nut+users at de-korte.org
Fri Apr 20 09:04:09 UTC 2007

> I've got a setup with NUT, where we've got two UPSes,
> ups1 and ups2. UPS1 supports our servers, while UPS2
> supports our desktop boxes. We monitor both of them
> via USB on a box now called "upsmon".
> The interesting point comes here. We monitor both
> UPSes on the upsmon box, but if UPS2 fails, which
> supports our desktop boxes, NUT shouldn't initiate
> a shutdown in itself, or take any action on itself.
> It just should keep on monitoring and relaying the
> monitor information to the client boxes.
> So, the question is, how can I tell nut-upsmon,
> to not to initiate a shutdown according to UPS2,
> and even, don't take UPS2 into account when checking
> if a shutdown is needed, but only depend on UPS1?

MONITOR ups1 at localhost 1 monmaster blah master
MONITOR ups2 at localhost 0 monmaster blah master

> I saw that it has an option where the number of required
> UPSes to be online can be defined. But how can i specify
> which UPSes are needed to be online, and which ones are
> just being monitored(and the monitoring info relayed) on
> the current box?

See 'man 5 upsmon.conf' for a more detailed explanation. Your setup looks
exactly like the 'bizarre configuration' mentioned here by the way


Best regards, Arjen
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