[Nut-upsuser] Strange battery power shortage on an Unitek iZi UPS 525

Charles Lepple clepple at gmail.com
Sun Dec 23 03:51:35 UTC 2007

On Dec 22, 2007, at 9:34 AM, Ciprian Marius Vizitiu wrote:

> The system used for testing was an old PIII/500MHz/512KB cache,  
> 256MB RAM (3
> x SDRAM 100MHz) 1 x 8GB hdd IDE and a 250W PS. For various reasons  
> I've
> switched to a new system consisting of one Duron 900MHz, 1 piece of  
> 512MB
> RAM DDR1 and a 12GB IDE (same family as the previous 8GB).

To add to Carlos' comments, I think the combination of higher  
processor speed and higher memory bus speed (SDRAM vs. DDR) could at  
least double the load. If the battery is getting old, and you are  
doing deep discharge testing, that drop in runtime is well within the  
accuracy you can expect from a low-end UPS.

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