[Nut-upsuser] ownership of pid directory

Doug Reynolds mav at wastegate.net
Tue Jan 2 15:53:46 CET 2007

> Hello all,
> Some time ago, you all were very helpful in getting nut running on an OpenBSD
> system, using--for what it's worth--a CyberPower 1500AVR.
> So I finally got my FreeBSD system's UPS, also a CyberPower 1500AVR, within
> reach of its serial cable and I'm trying to get nut running here.  I'm going
> nuts.
> Basically, I copied the OpenBSD configuration over to the FreeBSD system and
> tried to put everything in the right place.  It looked like the FreeBSD port
> wants to run as user uucp rather than nutmon, so I changed ups.conf and
> upsmon.conf accordingly and tried changing the ownership of everything to
> uucp.
> upsdrvctl still complains that it "Can't chdir to /var/db/nut: Permission 
> denied"
> The directory exists and is owned by both user and group uucp.  What does it
> want?
I have an answer to your question now (i don't recall if you got an 
answer now) since I run freebsd, I finally secure nut on my system.

my /var/db/nut dir looks like this:

drwxr-x---    2 nutmon      nut             512 Jan  2 09:17 nut/

I run my driver as user nutmon, group nut.  If you goto your /etc/group 
file, add user UUCP to the nut group..  then add:

user = nutmon

It sounds like the permission on your /var/db/nut are probably 700 or 
740.. on my system orignially it was owned by uucp:dialer, that could be 
your problem if it is own by uucp:uucp

I ran into the same thing when I switch over to a non-root setup.  I 
sure you trouble has something to do with permissions..

Also, don't forget to put:

# Insert other shutdown procedures here
if (test -f /etc/killpower)
echo "Killing the power, bye!"
/usr/local/libexec/nut/upsdrvctl shutdown

right before the:
echo '.'
exit 0

in your /etc/rc.shutdown for freebsd, as if you don't, your ups won't 
shutdown, and could cause a race condition.

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