[Nut-upsuser] Geek Squad UPS Systems

Kory Hamzeh kory at avatar.com
Tue Jan 2 20:03:29 CET 2007

> an easy way to test it is:
> open your serial port to your ups with cu (ie cu -s 2400 -l 
> /dev/serialdevicename)
> once it is opened, hit <enter> (a couple times if needed).  if you see
>#2, type in P4<enter>, and post back the info it returns.


Thanks for the info. I will give it a try. It has both a USB and a
serial port. Eventually, I'd like to use the USB interface instead of
the serial.

Few questions:

1. Off hand, do you know the name of the serial device for Com1 on
Fedora Core 6.0?
2. If this works, do I need to download the latest development version
to get your drive?
3. Also, how do I tell the drive to use the USB interface?


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