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Doug Parsons doparsons at earthlink.net
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Not sure if this will hit the list so I am sending it to both. I have a
Linux box running Nut and controlling about 30 Windows servers. So the
answer is yes it will work.


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My UPS (an APC 620, FWIW) is attached to my Sun workstation, and monitored
by NUT. Everything works a treat and I'm delighted with it (in direct
contrast to the useless APC software it came with).

But ... I'd like to put my wife's XP machine on the UPS, and have the Sun
shut it down, when appropriate. I see there is an XP port of NUT, so ...
before I start down the path of horror that is trying to install
and configure software on XP, can I actually *do* what I want here?



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