[Nut-upsuser] tripplite_usb interrupt errs

Eric A. Hall ehall at ehsco.com
Thu Jan 18 23:50:33 CET 2007

I keep getting this kind of stuff in /var/log/messages

Jan 18 17:45:03 bulldog tripplite_usb[9979]: libusb_get_interrupt()
returned -110 instead of 8

Should I be worried about it? upsc seems to work fine...

I tried building the 2.0.5 but none of the included spec files seemed to
work with opensuse 10.2 and adapting their 2.0.4 spec file didn't seem to
work out well either. Building from source made a mess on install (had to
restore from backup to clean it up), so... going to wait a bit on that.

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