[Nut-upsuser] "no longer stale" when disconnected with 2.0.5

Arjen de Korte nut+users at de-korte.org
Sat Jan 27 20:06:49 CET 2007

Peter Selinger wrote:

> If I understood Markus correctly, the problem is not that the data
> goes stale (it should do that when disconnecting the UPS
> communications line), but that it goes unstale immediately afterwards
> (even when the UPS is still disconnected).

That's entirely possible if he's using a version older than 2.0.4.
That's why I asked him which version he's using.

> This shouldn't really happen. Maybe some debugging is needed.

Maybe, but in that case I would still like to know the version, in order
to interpret the output in the right way. We've applied some bugfixes in
this aspect, especially in the code that decides whether a UPS is stale
or not.

> Markus: the function that decides whether your UPS is stale or not is
> server/sstate.c:sstate_dead(). Perhaps you can insert some debugging
> statements to figure out what this function returns and why. 

If sstate_dead() is the problem, I'm almost certain that Markus is using
something older than 2.0.4. In that case he'd better update to something

Best regards, Arjen

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