[Nut-upsuser] PowerWare 9120 via USB?

Kjell Claesson kjell.claesson at epost.tidanet.se
Fri Nov 2 17:50:33 UTC 2007

Den Friday 02 November 2007 13.00.46 skrev Tobias Balle-Petersen:
> Hello...
Hi Tobias.
> I have a PowerWare 9120 attached via USB to my Debian system.
> My ups.conf looks like this:
> [ups1]
>         driver = bcmxcp_usb
>         port = auto
>         desc = "PowerWare 9120"
> When testing the driver with "upsdrvctl -u root start" I get:
> Network UPS Tools - UPS driver controller 2.0.4
> Network UPS Tools - BCMXCP UPS driver 0.10 (2.0.4)
> Communications with UPS lost: Receive error (Request command): BLOCK: 0,
> COMMAND: 31! Communications with UPS lost: checksum error!
> Communications with UPS lost: Receive error (Request command): BLOCK: cb,
> COMMAND: 31! Model = PW9120 3000VA
> Firmware = 02.60
> Shutdown delay =  120 seconds
> Communications with UPS lost: Receive error (Request command): BLOCK: fa,
> COMMAND: 3c! Communications with UPS lost: Receive error (Request command):
> BLOCK: 81, COMMAND: 33!

It looks like you have a problem with the usb connection. Check the cabling.
The driver is using a binary protocol with checksum, and is hard on bit 

The command 31 is asking for the identification block. Command 3c is extended 
limit block and 33 is tha status block.

And as it answer with Modell and seems to start, it reads the Identification 
block after som errors.
> When looking at the combatability chart at
> http://www.networkupstools.org/compat/stable.html it seems the PW9120 is
> supported by the bcmxcp driver and not bcmxcp_usb. I have however found
> suggestions that bcmxcp_usb supports the 9120:
> http://osdir.com/ml/monitoring.nut.user/2006-04/msg00054.html

It is not a compatibility error, as it should hang on the same command.
And it was developed on a 9120 but serial connected.
> I have a SNMP card in the 9120, but my understanding is that the NUT
> SNMP-driver does not allow the UPS to be shut down. This is why I am now
> turning to USB.
> Any ideas as to how I can get my setup running?

Use hi class usb cables, if You is unable to use the serial version of the 
driver. Use a short sheelded cable. Don't twist it around the powerlines.

Then you should get new version of nut as 2.0.4 is past date.


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