[Nut-upsuser] PowerWare 9120 via USB?

Kjell Claesson kjell.claesson at epost.tidanet.se
Wed Nov 7 15:54:46 UTC 2007

Den Wednesday 07 November 2007 12.06.11 skrev Tobias Balle-Petersen:
OK Tobias,
> I have tried two different USB-cables. The one that came with the UPS and
> another one I had lying around. I have tried both ports on the computer
> (Apple mac G4).

Was there any difference in the communication ?
> > >
> > > It is not a compatibility error, as it should hang on the same command.
> > > And it was developed on a 9120 but serial connected.
> If the PW9120 is supported by both drivers (bcmxcp_usb and bcmxcp) should
> it not be listed in both sections on the chart?

Both yes and no. It should work but as no one have give a positive feedback on 
this we can not enter it into the chart.

> > > Use hi class usb cables, if You is unable to use the serial version of
> > > the driver. Use a short sheelded cable. Don't twist it around the
> > > powerlines.
> Does communicating with the UPS demand more of the USB-cables than any
> other USB-setup (printers etc.)? If so why?

No not realy, but the printer driver is not so verbose as this ups driver. So 
if there is some problems with the printer it would resend without sending
communication error. I can do the same with the ups driver and let it silently
ignore any communication errror and hope that the retry is handling it.

But as the ups is more critical than a printer, (I think that you can stand to 
resend a printout, but I don't think that you would like the ups to shutdown
without issuing a nice shutdown to the Computer.) we need to know that
the communication is OK.

> > > Then you should get new version of nut as 2.0.4 is past date.
> I'm running Debian Stable. 2.0.4 is the latest version. My UPS should be
> usable with this version right?

Yes it would be usable, but there have been some changes around the error
handling in the drivers. And some more fixes.

Think Arnaud have made some packages for debian. If ther is someone
on the list that can point you to this as i'm not into this package handling
systems as i'm running Gentoo.


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