[Nut-upsuser] NUT ups issue

Peter Selinger selinger at mathstat.dal.ca
Wed Oct 24 02:31:30 UTC 2007

Hi Drew,

I no longer work on NUT, but the folks at the nut-upsuser mailing list
are extremely helpful. See

The 2.0.3 release is *way* out of date; the current stable NUT release
is 2.2.0. It contains many improvements, particularly to the newhidups
driver (which is now called usbhid-ups).

If your distribution does not package a current NUT version, then you
should just build it from source. That is usually a lot easier than
trying to resolve all the missing dependencies. 

Good luck! I retired from NUT support + development some months ago,
but I cc'd the mailing list; please reply to the list if you need
further help compiling/installing/getting it to work. You may need to
subscribe to the list to be able to post to it.

-- Peter

Drew Vonada-Smith wrote:
> Dear Mr. Selinger,
> I was just reading your page Linux and the APC Back-UPS ES and was wondering
> if you could help me?  I am using Clark Connect (which is based on CentOS4,
> further based on RHEL4) and I cannot get NUT to work.  It may be a USB
> problem, but I am not sure.  /proc/bus/usb is empty, but when I try to mount
> usbfs, I am told that it is already mounted.  newhidups -u root -DD -a
> upsname tells me that no HID device is found.  I believe newhidups should be
> the correct driver for my SmartUPS 1500 USB, but I have tried the usual
> others with no luck.
> In your description, you note that 2.0.3 works out of the box, unlike 2.0.2
> which needs patches.  I can only find 2.0.2 for my distro, and 2.0.3 fails
> installation for many dependencies.  Are the patches you note available for
> 2.0.2 for RHEL, and do you know where one can find them?  I'm a newbie and
> really only know how to install RPMs, I haven't compiled anything yet.
> Any guidance you might be able to pass on would be greatly appreciated.
> My Best Regards,
> Drew Vonada-Smith

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