[Nut-upsuser] Cyberpower Drive in 2.2.0 Fedora 7

Seann Clark nombrandue at tsukinokage.net
Tue Jan 15 15:23:58 UTC 2008

I know others have seen this before, I just never saw any real 
resolution to it. I am not a programmer, or at the least a very bad one, 
so I don't think this is something I can do properly myself.

I have a Cyberpower 1500 AVR rack mount that worked good, except for the 
output voltage listing, with an older version of NUT (I don't remember 
the version of NUT, but the O/s was Fedora Core 6) and with an upgrade I 
get this from NUT:
NUT output

battery.charge: 213
driver.name: powerpanel
driver.parameter.pollinterval: 2
driver.parameter.port: /dev/ttyS0
driver.version: 2.2.0-
driver.version.internal: 0.22
input.frequency: 70.8
input.frequency.nominal: 60
input.transfer.high: 147
input.transfer.low: 88
input.voltage: 132
input.voltage.nominal: 120
output.voltage: 0
ups.beeper.status: enabled
ups.firmware: 5.100
ups.load: 26
ups.mfr: CyberPower
ups.model: OP1500
ups.serial: [unknown]
ups.status: OL TRIM
ups.temperature: 144

Ok, it sees it for the most part, save for every other time it kicks 
back 'data stale'. I figure this is due to the binary driver I am using. 
I have the PowerPanel driver loaded for this now. Previous I was using 
the Cyberpower driver, until it kicked back short read errors on load of 
the driver. I actually contacted Cyberpower out of curiosity and found 
they have a package for Linux for power panel.

What I get from that is (combined output of their upsm status and upsm 
information command):
utility state : normal
charger state : bypass
battery state : normal
input voltage : 123 volts
output voltage : 123 volts
AVR level : normal
battery capacity : 100 %
load level : 48 %
frequency : 60.7 Hz
temperature : 31 C
backup time : 21 minute 0 seconds.
UPS model : OP1500
UPS version : 5.100
output format : 120 V
battery format :
buzzer : [on],off
cold start : on,[off]
enable status record : [on],off
shutdown system after power fails : [on],off
enable auto save function :[on],off
status record interval : 10 minute 0 seconds.
power failure causes system shutdown after : 30 seconds.
time to wait system complete shutdown : 2 minute 0 seconds.
communication port : None,Auto,[ttyS0],ttyS1
high input voltage configuration : 
low input voltage configuration : 85,86,87,88,89,[90],91,92,93,94,95
percentage of battery critical capacity configuration : 
battery mode output voltage configuration : 110,115,[120],124,128,130

Now that is a  bit closer to the normal portion of what I should see. I 
am not sure if anyone out there in the group has seen the powerpanel for 
Linux stuff before, but using that as a baseline of the results from the 
reads on the binary stream back may be a way of tuning the driver. I am 
sure that is a horrible and cumbersome way of doing things though.

I notice that the NUT driver does pull a lot of accurate information 
from my UPS, but it looks like functions that require a little math to 
get the numbers is off by a bit. Not sure how to approach fixing this, 
or getting it fixed, right now.

Any help would be appreciated.


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