[Nut-upsuser] Cyberpower Drive in 2.2.0 Fedora 7

Arjen de Korte nut+users at de-korte.org
Tue Jan 15 15:45:29 UTC 2008


> Now that is a  bit closer to the normal portion of what I should see. I
> am not sure if anyone out there in the group has seen the powerpanel for
> Linux stuff before, but using that as a baseline of the results from the
> reads on the binary stream back may be a way of tuning the driver. I am
> sure that is a horrible and cumbersome way of doing things though.

There are quite a number of variables where the UPS reports a number that
isn't directly related to the reported value. Problem is, that we don't
have access to the conversion functions that are needed and so far, nobody
has volunteered to reverse engineer them.

Running the driver that is provided by Cyberpower and throwing data at it
and see what it reports should be sufficient (you don't need to have
access to the UPS to do that). Although I wrote most of the 'powerpanel'
driver, I don't own any devices that can be used with it, so I don't have
a lot of reason to do this.

> I notice that the NUT driver does pull a lot of accurate information
> from my UPS, but it looks like functions that require a little math to
> get the numbers is off by a bit. Not sure how to approach fixing this,
> or getting it fixed, right now.

Reverse engineering the conversion functions would be helpful. This will
probably require building an application that mimics your UPS and that
allows setting some values.

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