[Nut-upsuser] Can't claim USB device

Brandon Metcalf brandon at geronimoalloys.com
Tue Apr 7 12:38:58 UTC 2009

----- Arnaud Quette <aquette.dev at gmail.com> wrote:
> 2009/4/6 Brandon Metcalf <brandon at geronimoalloys.com>
> > What do you mean by backport the packages in jaunty?  What is involved in
> > doing this?
> >
> - getting the source package (.dsc, .orig.tar.gz and .diff.gz) from here
>  http://packages.ubuntu.com/jaunty/nut
> - install the build toolchain (gcc, make, ...) andautotools-dev fakeroot
> dh-make build-essential devscripts
> - unpack the source package: dpkg-source -x *.dsc
> - from the build dir: debuild -us -uc
> - you'll be warned of the missing prerequisites
> - once built successfully, your debs will be in the parent dir.

I'm running "debuild -us -uc" and, as you said, getting a lot of unmet build dependencies.  My questions are, should I upgrade my hardy system with these dependencies or override them with -d?  I ultimately want to install nut 2.4.1 on a different server system running hardy.  Will these dependencies need to be upgraded on this server system as well?  If so, I'm not sure I want to configure this system beyond the standard hardy install.

Thanks for your help.  As you suggested, I would prefer to install a deb package for nut 2.4.1 since it does offer better integration.


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