[Nut-upsuser] SmartUPS-600 problem with 940-0024C cable

Bob Blackwell rc_blackwell at bell.net
Mon Aug 3 17:29:17 UTC 2009

Information found in the FAQ section leads me to believe the cable 
description being used is incorrect. Try using cable = 940-0095B.

The FAQ follows;

Q: I have an APC Smart-UPS connected with a grey APC cable and it won't
    work.  The Back-UPS type in the genericups driver works but then I 
    don't get to use all the nifty features in there.  Why doesn't the 
    right driver work?

 A: The problem lies in your choice of cable.  APC's grey cables
    generally only do "dumb" signalling - very basic yes/no info about
    the battery and line status.  While that is sufficient to detect a
    low battery condition while on battery, you miss out on all the
    goodies that you paid for.

    Note that the 940-0095B happens to be a grey cable, but it is actually
    a dual mode cable and can be used in smart mode.  If you have
    this cable, you need to edit your ups.conf to look like this:

		driver = apcsmart
		port = /dev/whatever
		cable = 940-0095B

    All other grey cables from APC are assumed to be "dumb".

    If your grey cable isn't the 940-0095B, the solution is to dump that
    cable and find one that supports APC's "smart" signalling.  Typically
    these come with the UPS and are black.  If your smart cable has
    wandered off, one can be built rather easily with some connectors and
    cable - there's no fancy wiring or resistors.

    See this URL for a handy diagram:


Bob Blackwell
Pickering, Ontario


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