[Nut-upsuser] HP/Compaq T700H UPS cable pinout

Kjell Claesson kjell.claesson at epost.tidanet.se
Thu Jan 15 00:39:24 UTC 2009

Den Tuesday 13 January 2009 23.27.02 skrev Arjen de Korte:
Hi Arjen,
> It would be nice if the driver would also report
> 'battery.voltage.nominal', so that clients don't have to guess it. We
> need this for instance when drawing bar graphs in the CGI programs.
That take some more time, This is in the config block. And was planned
to be included when I rewrite some more.

Have to check the command list block and parse it an do something like in the
upscode2 driver. The 'can_upda' and so on. So I know what the ups can respond 
to. But it is a binary answer and I have not find any nice way to do that.

> > input.frequency: 50.34
> > input.voltage: 245
> Same here.
The input.voltage nominal is fixed. But I have to sleep.
Se if I have time to enter the input/output.frequency.nominal A.S.A.P.

> This probably needs to be multiplied by 100. Note that this value is
> reported in percentage, not a factor. Either this, or the load can't
> be right.
Now it show ups.power. But that is the output power in va.
Have also input power in va and out/input.power in watt that I can read.

> Although the OL status is implied when the UPS is in TRIM state, it
> would be nice if the driver would report this too. Not all clients
> will pick this up, if they want to know if the UPS is running on mains
> or on battery (would require checking for OL|TRIM|BOOST). It helps to
> be verbose here and add the OL status too.
Should be fixed.

I know that you have much to do, but if you have any idea about the comand-
list-block, and how to parse and use it I would be glad :-)


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