[Nut-upsuser] Success: Digitus DN-170020

Benjamin Hase benjamin.hase at googlemail.com
Wed Jan 14 20:02:14 UTC 2009


just want to report a successful installation of the Digitus DN-170020
UPS. Works mostly without problems with the megatec driver and the
included cable, a few issues arose:

- the toggle beeper command seems not to work for this UPS.
- to shutdown and cut the power line, a delay has to be inserted for
the driver; without the UPS just beeps but does not switch off.
- the test commands do not work for this UPS.

I think, these problems are based on firmware flaws.

What works so far:
- reporting of power failure
- automated shutdown (tested with upsmon -c fsd)
- automatic restart (after the two minutes set in config file, not
tested with real power cut)

What is unknown:
- accuracy of sensor values (temperature, voltage, frequency and so on)

As long as the UPS reports its critical state early enough, I don't
bother about the sensor values ;-)

If in need, I can post my config files, too.


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