[Nut-upsuser] Premature end of script headers: upsimage.cgi

ben thielsen bthielsen at safarivideonetworks.com
Thu Jul 9 22:31:06 UTC 2009

Jean Delvare wrote:
> On Thu, 9 Jul 2009 12:29:31 -0400, benjamin thielsen wrote:
>> hi-
>> i'm using version 2.4.1, courtesy of debian testing, and noticed that  
>> in the web interface, the image for the battery voltage bar graph  
>> wasn't displaying.  the other images (change, input, output, load)  
>> seem to be fine.  the browser reports "500 internal server error", and  
>> apache reports "Premature end of script headers: upsimage.cgi,  
>> referer: https://graphs.ltn.lvc.com/cgi-bin/nut/upsstats.cgi?host=ups6@localhost 
>> "
>> upsc seems to also be working as expected, and reports a value for  
>> battery voltage:
>>  >upsc ups6 at localhost battery.voltage
>> 55.00
>> i have 5 of these upses in total (smart-ups 1500 xlm monitored via  
>> snmp) which all exhibit the same behavior.
>> how can i further troubleshoot this?
> You could try running upsimage.cgi manually, maybe you'll get a useful
> error message.

good idea, thanks.  i can't seem to figure out how though.  running the 
program without any arguments produces output that seems to perhaps be 
the beginnings of a png image, which would make sense, but it appears to 
be incomplete.  i've tried a few approaches to passing arguments from 
the shell, but none seem to have an impact on the output.

some additional information - i've since added another smart-ups 1500 
(not xlm), connected via usb to this same server, and it draws the 
voltage graph without incident.


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