[Nut-upsuser] Premature end of script headers: upsimage.cgi

Brother Railgun of Reason alaric at caerllewys.net
Fri Jul 10 00:33:46 UTC 2009

On Thu, Jul 09, 2009 at 06:31:06PM -0400, ben thielsen wrote:
> Jean Delvare wrote:
>> You could try running upsimage.cgi manually, maybe you'll get a useful
>> error message.
> good idea, thanks.  i can't seem to figure out how though.  running the 
> program without any arguments produces output that seems to perhaps be the 
> beginnings of a png image, which would make sense, but it appears to be 
> incomplete.  i've tried a few approaches to passing arguments from the 
> shell, but none seem to have an impact on the output.

I have a similar problem, which I just now found time to get back to 
looking into.  upsstats.cgi produces a basically correct-looking page, 
except that everywhere there apparently should be retrieved data, there 
is instead "[error: Invalid argument]".  I did the necessary webserver 
configuration to be able to call upsimage.cgi directly, and it returns a 
HTTP content-type: header followed by a PNG image containing, in yellow 
text on a white background rendered vertically from bottom to top (i.e. 
rotated 90 degrees counterclockwise) the following message:

"No host or display"

Unfortunately I can't at this moment tell you how nut was configured, 
because I lost the configured source directory in a three-disk cascade 
failure that took down my disk array.  I'll have to re-download and 
start configuration over from scratch.

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