[Nut-upsuser] Accurate battery reports? (HP R3000 XR)

Kjell Claesson kjell.claesson at epost.tidanet.se
Mon Jul 13 18:27:39 UTC 2009

OK Jon, just a comment.
> is bcmxcp a eaton driver?
For some years ago Eaton purchased Powerware, but the driver
was developed before that. On the nut 1.4 series it was Martin Schroeder
that made the driver. But it was dropped, so i was sitting with some Powerware
ups'es that I have to monitor. 
Tore Ørpetveit was getting some info from Powerware Norway, 
so in 2004 I and Tore started to rewrite the driver.
Then Wolfgang Ocker added usb support. Oliver Wilcock sent me some patches for
load segments (This code is rewritten, but he was pushing it in :-) )

HP and Compaq re-branded some Powerware equipment like the HP3000XR.

> sorry, the UPS is already in production usage.
> As for 2.4.1, i will get it eventually once it is in debian stable. I
> did try to upgrade
> to 2.4.1-3 from debian testing, but i had to change a lot to get it
> working, so i gave
> up and reverted to debian stable.
OK, I fully understand that.


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