[Nut-upsuser] How to connect Trust UPS Energy Protector 400VA with nut

Peter Werner p.werner at hipax.de
Wed Jul 15 14:56:45 UTC 2009

Hello list,

I have been trying to figure out the whole day how I can connect our old
Trust UPS Energy Protector 400VA with nut. But I have not made any
progress yet and the worst is: I have no idea where to start although I read
the documentation and search the web.

My first problem is how to find out which driver I should take because
this UPS is not in the compatibility list. The second issue is that it 
seems to
be that every UPS has either a serial or a usb connection in order to 
to the PC - but our old UPS has none. There are only power plug ins - and
that is it.

As far as I understand that UPS stuff - and I have not already told you
that I am newbie with UPS ;-) it is some kind of contact closure device.
It using the power connection to tell the PC if the power is low. So that
means I should try the genericups driver if I understand right. But this 
also want a configured port - which one because I haven't any serial 
connection -
and a upstype. But no one does fit. I also took a look into the description
for the powercom and the megatec drivers - also in the source code.

But I as I said - this does not bring me further. O.K: in the man page 
for the
the genericups driver is described how you can test if the UPS can be 
with nut. But - and this is my question - has never ever anybody used 
this UPS
with nut? I not it is cheap UPS, it is old, etc. - but we have it and 
now we have
a Linux which should use it. So if somebody has read that far and has 
maybe an
advice for me is appreciated. Thanks for reading.


Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Kind Regards

Peter Werner

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