[Nut-upsuser] Powercom support and sponsorship

Arnaud Quette arnaud.quette at free.fr
Tue Nov 3 12:23:53 UTC 2009

Hi Alexey,

2009/11/3 Morozov Alexey <morozov at pcm.ru>:
> Dear All,
> Please find attached updated communication protocols for Powercom UPS.
> If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact me.
> Sincerely yours
> --
> Alexey Morozov
> distribution manager

your mail has not reached the list since you're not a member.
I've not forwarded these too, since some people might find the package too big.

Instead of this, I've created a Powercom section in the Protocols
Library, and added your files:

Thanks a lot for these information.
At first glance, adding support for your unit should be quite straightforward...
Note that I will also add an Acknowledgement entry, as told previously.

@Alex: let us know when you receive a unit so that we can start the
work. I (or Arjen or someone else) can bootstrap the work by created a
subdriver to complete.

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> Hi Alexey,
> Sorry for the delay, I'm very happy to hear this.
> В Sat, 31 Oct 2009 17:14:44 +0300
> "Morozov Alexey" <morozov at pcm.ru> пишет:
>> Dear Alexander,
>> Thank you for your quick reply. We've updated communication protocol
>> for Powercom UPS to be compatible with HID for power device and would
>> like to add it in NUT. Russian Powercom team can provide communication
>> protocol and demo units for testing. Can i send communication
>> protocols to your email?
> Sure, you are welcome :)
> However, as Arnaud already wrote, it'll be much more effective to send the docs to the dev list so that all team members can participate in the development.
>> I look forward to hearing from you.
>> Sincerely yours
>> --
>> Alexey M. Morozov
>> distribution manager
>> 111024 Moscow, 1st Kabelniy proezd, 2
>> Tel. +7 (495) 651-62-81, +7(495) 651-62-82 Cell phone +7(926)206-8164
> --
>  Alexander

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