[Nut-upsuser] my new apc usb ups

Guillaume Vachon gvachon at infoglobe.ca
Fri Nov 27 15:38:12 UTC 2009

Hi all, 

I just got myself 2 APC Back-UPS CS 350

I downloaded the stable nut tar.gz installed it.
This is not the first time i install and configure nut so i used the
same configuration as on my other server as i always did. Then i made
the 2 required modification. I changed these 2 thing:
        driver = apcsmart
        port = /dev/hiddev0

# ls -al /dev/hiddev0
crw------- 1 nut nut 180, 96 Nov 27 09:07 /dev/hiddev0

When i try to start nut i get the following :

# upsdrvctl start
Network UPS Tools - UPS driver controller 2.2.0-
Network UPS Tools (version 2.2.0-) - APC Smart protocol driver
	Driver version 1.99.8, command table version 2.0
tcgetattr(/dev/hiddev0): Invalid argument
Driver failed to start (exit status=1)

Thanks in advance if someone can help !

Guillaume Vachon (RHCE, CLP10, CTT+, CNI)
Conseiller en TI, Formateur
Infoglobe, http://infoglobe.ca
1963, Frank-Carrel, 201 - Québec, QC G1N 2E6
Téléphone : 418.681.2929 #123

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