[Nut-upsuser] Powerware USB issue solved (bcmxcp_usb)

Greg greg_roll at hotmail.com
Sat Oct 10 06:58:16 UTC 2009

Hi Arnaud,

I must be doing something wrong.

I pulled down revision 2015 and even browsed through http://svn.debian.org/wsvn/nut/trunk/?rev=0&sc=0 and drivers/bcmxcp.c shows driver version 0.22.

I can't seem to pull down a file with version 0.23.

In my last post I ran from /usr/local/ups/bin/bcmxcp_usb but I had copied the compiled file there.

Could you possibly explain what im doing wrong or even send me a tar file of the source?


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Hi Greg

2009/10/7 Greg  
  Thanks for continuing to look at this. Much appreciated!

part of Eaton dedication to NUT users ;-)

  I compiled the driver on my QNAP as I didn't have time to muck around with Ubuntu.

  Here is my output
  [/] # /usr/local/ups/bin/bcmxcp_usb -DDDD -a qnapups -u admin
  Network UPS Tools - BCMXCP UPS driver 0.22 (2.4.1)
  USB communication subdriver 0.17

this is still the old driver! the new version is 0.23...

as told in my mail, you can run it from the build directory using:
$ ./drivers/bcmxcp_usb -DD -a <ups name>

otherwise, do a make install before calling the driver.

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