[Nut-upsuser] NUT with Cyber Power 700 AVR

Rob Donovan hikerman2005-nut at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 10 02:06:00 UTC 2010

It turns out Cyberpower's own Linux software can't talk to the cp1500avr 
over serial cable either.

So the nut serial driver probably isn't the problem.
I've already shown the UPS and cable are OK by talking to Windows.
It seems unlikely that both Thomas and I and all the other posts you can 
find on this have defective computer hardware.
I saw someone suggest in a 2 year old post on this that it might be 
caused by problems with the Linux kernel serial driver.
I'm not even entirely sure what that means, but since both Thomas and I 
are running Debian Lenny, it sounds pretty plausible to me!

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