[Nut-upsuser] APC 5G UPS APC-HID

Arjen de Korte nut+users at de-korte.org
Sun Aug 29 15:17:47 UTC 2010

Citeren RC <cooleyr op gmail.com>:

> Powering-down the unit, whether with upsdrvctl or upscmd will not obey the
> specified delay in offdelay, or ups.delay.shutdown.  Instead, a message about
> power off in 20s displays on the LCD, and indeed it does power off.
> Unfortunately, when coming back on, only one set of (4) outlets are  
> powered-up,
> while the other 4 are not.  Rebooting the UPS via the front panel typically
> restores power, but additionally, as soon as the USB port it's  
> connected to goes
> high, it will power-cycle again, and again, and again.  Disconnecting both
> utility and battery power was necessary to stop this behavior.

The UPS doesn't seem to support the  
'UPS.PowerSummary.DelayBeforeStartup' HID path, which is used for  
timed shutdowns and restarts and only uses  
'UPS.PowerSummary.DelayBeforeShutdown' and  
'UPS.PowerSummary.DelayBeforeReboot'. This means that the UPS will use  
the latter if you call the driver with the -k flag to shutdown the  

My guess is that APC powers this circuit that runs the shutdown timer  
from the USB port (and takes it power from there). This means that  
when you issue the shutdown command, the timer will lose power as soon  
as the PC switches off (which usually is within a second or so). When  
the power returns and the USB port is powered up again, the timer will  
not have elapsed yet and the UPS kills the power immediately again.

One thing I would like you (and others with a similar APC UPS) to try,  
is to issue this command while the computer that is providing the USB  
port is powered from another source. In that case, I expect the UPS to  
power down immediately after running 'usbhid-ups -k -a <upsname>' and  
start again after about 10 seconds or so. If this doesn't lead to  
endless reboot cycles, we probably can't use  

Also try if issuing the 'load.off.delay' command (through 'upscmd')  
will make the UPS shutdown the outlet and returns power when the mains  
is present again. Don't power any systems from the UPS during this!

Lastly, post the first 10 seconds worth of output from 'usbhid-ups -DD  
-a <upsname>' here.

Best regards, Arjen
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