[Nut-upsuser] [Nut-upsdev] Powerware 9125 & bcmxcp driver

Баталов Григорий gbatalov at crystals.ru
Fri Aug 27 07:19:07 UTC 2010

Arnaud Quette <aquette.dev at gmail.com> wrote:

>> >> It looks like bcmxcp driver doesn't fit my device:
>> >>
>> >> UPS Model                    PW9125
>> >> UPS Firmware Version    FP: 1.10 INV: 1.10
>> >> VA Rating                      3000 VA
>> >>
>> >> Web/SNMP card is present.
>> >>
>> >> Minicom connection to /dev/ttyS0 gives nice banner and control menu,
>> >> but they prevent nut driver from working correctly (I guess). UPS
>> >> should
>> >> be switched into "Pass-Through" mode before BCM/XCP commands
>> >> became actual.
>> >>
>> >> How to deal with such UPS? Should I modify default bcmxcp driver or
>> >> somehow turn device into supported mode?
>> >
>> > the bcmxcp driver is for serial communication (like bcmxcp_usb is for
>> > USB).
>> > here, you should be using snmp-ups
>> Do you mean that SNMP card has unsupported serial port and
>> bcmxcp driver is for standalone communication ports only (9 pins)?
> ok, I took a bit of time to complete my knowledges on this specific topic.
> According to what I've found, you should be able to enable the serial
> communication using UPS passthrough communication. This should only need
> settings on the DIP switches, which should get rid of any driver
> modifications.
> See the below link, p32, chapter "Serial Pass-Through Mode":
> http://lit.powerware.com/ll_download.asp?file=1405E-WebCard-Rel.pdf

Great! I've just missed that manual. :)

> Are your DIP switches set to the 1 (on) position? Have you made a reset?

Yes, after both swithes were set on and reset clicked bcmxcp driver works well.
Thank you!

> I've made a test on my side, with a 9130 and a connectUPS BD slot (which has
> the same features, but not the same form factor. By applying the above
> mentioned procedure, I've succeeded in using bcmxcp driver (with a serial to
> USB converter). To speed up the driver startup, put "baud_rate=9600" in your
> ups.conf section for this UPS.
> I will complete the HCL with these information.
> thanks for pointing me this feature ;-)

I'm sending a cross-post to nut-upsuser@ list as this was an usage issue,
not development as I thought before.

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