[Nut-upsuser] CyberPower Value 2200E-GP

David Varley davidavarley at gmail.com
Fri Dec 17 22:58:34 UTC 2010

On Fri, 17 Dec 2010 17:41:39 +0100, Arjen de Korte
<nut+users at de-korte.org<nut%2Busers at de-korte.org>
> wrote:
> Citeren David Varley <davidavarley at gmail.com>:
>  As far as setting the shutdown command in a script run when hibernating, I
>> did this. I created a script, 48nut, in /etc/pm/sleep.d, as follows:
>> #!/bin/sh
>> # If we are hibernating due to power-fail, initiate a delayed UPS shutdown
>> and then stop the nut services
>> # If we are thawing after this event, start the nut service
>> # DAV 17DEC10
>>   if (test -f /etc/killpower)
>>   then
>>        case "$1" in
>>                hibernate|suspend)
>>                        echo "Initiating UPS Powerdown Sequence"
>>                        /sbin/upsdrvctl shutdown
>>                        echo "Stopping nut service"
>>                        service nut stop
> This won't work. In order to send a poweroff command to the UPS, the
> drivers must be restarted from scratch. Therefor you must run 'service nut
> stop' before doing that, otherwise the backgrounded drivers will not have
> exited.
> It also is a good idea to put a 'sleep 2' between the two commands, to give
> the drivers some time to respond to the KILL signal they receive:
>    echo "Stopping nut service"
>    service nut stop
>    sleep 2
>    echo "Initiating UPS Powerdown Sequence"
>    /sbin/upsdrvctl shutdown
> Best regards, Arjen

Arjen, now I'm a bit confused. In your script you are saying to shut down
nut before issuing the upsdrvctl command to tell the UPS to start a delayed
shutdown. But as shutting down nut causes the usbhid-ups driver to exit, I
thought that would prevent the command being sent to the UPS? I know that if
I just have the upsdrvctl shutdown command without telling the nut service
to exit, the UPS shuts down after the 60 second delay. I can understand
adding the delay after giving the shutdown command and before stopping the
services, but not the other way around. What am I missing here?

Thanks, David
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