[Nut-upsuser] MGE Ellipse 500 USB power failure problem

Manuel Wolfshant wolfy at nobugconsulting.ro
Mon Jan 4 05:35:50 UTC 2010

Dimitris Mandalidis wrote:
> On Sun, Jan 03, 2010 at 10:44:44PM +0000, Rob MacGregor wrote:
>>> Never. There are LED indicators for this according to the manual.
>> Doesn't mean much - if you're only getting 30 seconds of runtime your
>> batteries aren't healthy (or you've massively overloaded the UPS).
> Probably it 's overloaded (pentium3 + amd athlon x2 + net switch + external
> HD). However, most of the time and that's when I need the UPS there's no
> activity on these (no one is doing anything) and there's an overload LED
> indicator after all. I can understand that battery LED indicator can be
> unreliable but I dont think the same applies to the overload LED.
> So, one vote for the battery :) 
    If you've never replaced the batteries in 8 years, they are dead for 
sure. The normal life expectancy of batteries ( _if_ you behave, for 
instance not keep them too warm or completely drain them repeatedly ) 
does not exceed 2-3 (maybe 4 if you are lucky) years. After that they 
_seem_ to be OK but actually they are not. Similar phenomenon happened 
here 6 months ago.

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