[Nut-upsuser] APC 5G UPS APC-HID

RC cooleyr at gmail.com
Tue Jul 20 22:11:35 UTC 2010

I've grabbed a snapshot of NUT from just a couple days ago.  Glad to see APC's
new 5G UPSes added to the list (though you probably want to add it to the UDEV
52-nut-usbups.rules file as well...).  

My issues with new APC Smart-UPS units (SMT1000) :

Powering-down the unit, whether with upsdrvctl or upscmd will not obey the
specified delay in offdelay, or ups.delay.shutdown.  Instead, a message about
power off in 20s displays on the LCD, and indeed it does power off. 
Unfortunately, when coming back on, only one set of (4) outlets are powered-up,
while the other 4 are not.  Rebooting the UPS via the front panel typically
restores power, but additionally, as soon as the USB port it's connected to goes
high, it will power-cycle again, and again, and again.  Disconnecting both
utility and battery power was necessary to stop this behavior.

More importantly, I'm not seeing any way to configure the UPS to send FSD,
determined by runtime.  battery.runtime.low shows 1380 and doesn't accept any
user changes.  usbhid-ups -DDD doesn't show any error.  I can set a battery
percentage just fine, but maintaining such values would be labor intensive and
really doesn't suit the various usage here.

I've tried adding all values from libhid.c to apc-hid.c, but found only "UPS"
(0x00840004) returned anything else, and that was just an unmodifiable "2". 
Changing settings via the UPS's LCD front-panel seems to work, but I wouldn't
call that a good option, particularly as I can't even READ these values via NUT.
 So I'd be willing to put some work into improving NUT instead.  I'd also like
to avoid using something like the clone driver to emulate this functionality.

Suggestions on alternate addresses to try, or tips on finding likely addresses
to poke around, would be most welcome.

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