[Nut-upsuser] APC 5G UPS APC-HID

Charles Lepple clepple at gmail.com
Wed Jul 21 12:33:33 UTC 2010

On Jul 20, 2010, at 6:11 PM, RC wrote:

> I've grabbed a snapshot of NUT from just a couple days ago.  Glad to  
> see APC's
> new 5G UPSes added to the list (though you probably want to add it  
> to the UDEV
> 52-nut-usbups.rules file as well...).

The udev file (as well as the other USB-related lists) are actually  
generated by the nut-usbinfo.pl script in the tools directory before  
we make a release. It sounds like you have this figured out now, but  
if anyone else trips on this, the script is meant to be run from the  
tools directory (it uses relative paths to find the files to modify).

Arnaud: can we have these lists built as part of the normal autoconf/ 
automake cycle? I see the comment in the make file about only running  
it if perl is present, but perl is installed more often than not  
(especially if someone is using automake).

RC: I will defer to the other developers for a bit regarding the rest  
of your email.

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