[Nut-upsuser] APC SmartUPS 2200XL + UDEV + USB = tcgetattr : Invalid argument *SOLVED*

Richard richard-nut at rain4us.net
Fri Jul 30 21:58:05 UTC 2010

Charles Lepple wrote:
> Pretty much all of the USB-based APC UPSes work with the "usbhid-ups"
> driver. "apcsmart" is only used if you connect via the serial port.
> (The USB entries are towards the bottom of the APC section of the
> compatibility list, so maybe we can make that clearer.)
Ah!  I see that now.  Yes, I would have been clued in better if I had 
seen something like Serial-DB9 next to the 'apcsmart' module.

> You won't need the symlink, either - usbhid-ups has parameters to
> select an UPS by serial number, vendor ID, etc, and it ignores the
> value for "port". Check the man page for more details.
Thank you for that pointer on where to look. I was swimming in 

After reviewing the man pages and the compatibility web page and 
following the INSTALL documentation in the ./doc/ directory, everything 
we've tested so far is working beautifully.  Due to one of our duel 
power-supply file servers that dies if one of the power supplies is 
unplugged.. We'll have to schedule some down-time to test every aspect 
of our new nut configuration.

Unless I can get a compatible NUT version to compile on Slackware 9.0, 
I'm going to have to figure out how our master NUT server can monitor a 
signal from another UPS and act on data from that secondary UPS.  .. But 
I suppose I should post that question in a separate thread.

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