[Nut-upsuser] snmp-ups 2.4.3 cannot talk to upsd

Fabio Papa f.papa at mcmspa.it
Tue Jun 22 12:23:49 UTC 2010

Hi all,
I recently upgraded an ubuntu jaunty machine with nut 2.4.1 to lucid
LTS. The previously working nut configuration is a no-go, but I got it
up and running using the snmp-ups executable from the previous install. 
What it happens (from what I can see at least) is that the status has
been changed and it's not read as before. In the 2.4.1 release I had an
"OL" string (online, I presume), while I have a single digit number in
2.4.3 (can't remember what number now). 
upsd seems to talk correctly to the driver, but upsmon cannot make heads
or tails of the status and reports it as empty (reported as []).
The strange thing is that, replacing the driver with the 2.4.1 one, it
just works. The status is OL and upsmon is happy.
What could be wrong here?


Fabio Papa

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