[Nut-upsuser] APC Smart-UPS 1000

Arjen de Korte nut+users at de-korte.org
Mon Jan 24 12:15:12 UTC 2011

Citeren Kevin <bakdong op gmail.com>:

>>> ./clients/upsrw -s ups.delay.shutdown=30 -u apcmon -p pass123 apc1500
>>> OK
>>> # ./clients/upsc apc1500
>> [...]
>>> ups.delay.shutdown: 30
>>> ups.delay.start: 250
>> ..and apparently can be written as well.
> Yes, but this value could also be changed before the patches. (See  
> previous posts)

Not in the same way. I'm not really interested in what NUT thinks  
about this value, it is where it is stored. Previously, this value  
would be a driver side variable (without the UPS ever knowing we  
changed it) while in this case, it is a value stored (and modified) in  
the UPS. I was hoping that the UPS would consider this value for the  
minimum shutdown delay, but apparently it doesn't. Chances are it is  
something completely different... :-(

> Happy to dig as deep as you would like me to. (I would like to get  
> the CS 500 sorted out too though) I will check again with the  
> unmodified code, but I'm fairly sure that the output will cycle when  
> power is present. (even with on and offdelay values at the default  
> 90 minimum)

That's even weirder...

>> I would still like to see the full output of the below command. An  
>> earlier version you posted was incomplete (the report descriptor  
>> was missing, which is vital to be able to check our HID parser  
>> without access to a specific UPS model). Could you please post the  
>> output of
>>   /path/to/usbhid-ups -DD -a apc1500 > APC_Smart-UPS_1000.log 2>&1
>> here? The redirection of stderr to stdin was probably missing in  
>> your previous post.
> I'll do it now and attach it here.....

Sorry about that, the report descriptor is only reported at debug  
level 3 (or higher). So I need the output of the below command instead:

    /path/to/usbhid-ups -DDD -a apc1500 > APC_Smart-UPS_1000.log 2>&1

Best regards, Arjen
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