[Nut-upsuser] Plexus UPS on a QNAP NAS

Jonathan Cunliffe subscription at gadget.org.uk
Wed Jan 26 06:51:17 UTC 2011

Hi again,


Changes applied as suggested but still the same problem unfortunately.
Here's what I did:


[~] # pwd


[~] # ls


[~] # ls /etc/udev/      


[~] # ls /

Qmultimedia@ etc/         linuxrc@     opt@         proc/        share/

bin/         home@        lost+found/  php.ini@     root/        stunnel.pid

dev/         lib/         mnt/         play/        sbin/        sys/

[~] # find / -names *.rules

BusyBox v1.01 (2010.12.16-17:41+0000) multi-call binary


Usage: find [PATH...] [EXPRESSION]


Search for files in a directory hierarchy.  The default PATH is

the current directory; default EXPRESSION is '-print'


EXPRESSION may consist of:

                -follow                      Dereference symbolic links.

                -name PATTERN        File name (leading directories removed)
matches PATTERN.

                -print                         Print (default and assumed).


                -type X                      Filetype matches X (where X is
one of: f,d,l,b,c,...)

                -perm PERMS            Permissions match any of (+NNN); all
of (-NNN);

                                                or exactly (NNN)

                -mtime TIME             Modified time is greater than (+N);
less than (-N);

                                                or exactly (N) days


[~] # ls /opt


[~] # 

[~] # find / -name *.rules 


[~] # ls /etc/udev


[~] # ln -s /share/MD0_DATA/.qpkg/Optware/etc/udev/rules.d /etc/udev/rules.d

[~] # ls /etc/udev

rules.d@   udev.conf

[~] # udevadm                                  

missing or unknown command


Usage: udevadm [--help] [--version] [--debug] COMMAND [COMMAND OPTIONS]

  info         query sysfs or the udev database

  trigger      request events from the kernel

  settle       wait for the event queue to finish

  control      control the udev daemon

  monitor      listen to kernel and udev events

  test         simulation run


[~] # udevadm trigger --action=change

[~] # 

[~] # /usr/bin/upsdrvctl start

Network UPS Tools - UPS driver controller 2.4.1

Network UPS Tools - Megatec/Q1 protocol USB driver 0.03 (2.4.1)

Can't claim USB device [0001:0000]: could not detach kernel driver from
interface 0: Operation not permitted

Driver failed to start (exit status=1)

[~] #


Sorry if I'm appearing a bit slow here but Linux is very new to me so any
help is genuinely appreciated.





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Thanks Arjen and Arnaud.  Sorry, I missed Arnaud's first answer.  I'll try
and do as he suggests and reply back.


Thanks again,




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