[Nut-upsuser] Feedback for Powercom IMD1000 AP with 2.6.0

Mehmet Giritli mgiritli at giritli.eu
Mon Jan 31 10:36:28 UTC 2011


I managed to install 2.6.0 on a Gentoo system and almost everything is
functioning properly with the usbhid-ups driver. I had to add "productid
= 0004" into my ups.conf. For monitoring and administration, I use the
cgi interface.

I have problems with the instant commands tough: The commands seem to
have no effect most of the times (except see next paragraph), despite
the response is always "OK" after issuing the commands.

One effect the commands have is to confuse the ups in such a way that it
beeps twice every second or so and it is not possible to stop this
behaviour until turning the whole thing off and then back on. 

Other than the commands, everything seems fine.

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